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What We Do

Cain Advisory Group (CAG) provides customized levels of bundled business solutions that establish and monitor core elements of your business:

  • establishing internal workflow systems
  • maintaining accurate bookkeeping records
  • processing payroll and managing taxes
  • filing and paying your business and individual taxes on time
  • creating and implementing business and financial plans, and
  • establishing systems to help you create, track and reach financial goals.

Our professional management of your vital business services will help you streamline internal systems to reduce taxes, generate greater profitability, and focus on what counts—managing the business as a whole rather than as parts of a whole.


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How We Can Help You

Cain Advisory Group has wide-ranging in-house experience coupled with a full complement of services. Working as an integrated team, we help you work on your business rather than in it. As a result, we consolidate core back-end administrative services so management and ownership can spend their time on new business development.

Why Cain Advisory Group

The Cain Advisory Group is the only San Diego firm that unifies your legal, tax, bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning functions. By bundling your small business needs under one roof, we provide coordinated counsel to expertly manage your back office and increase your profitability.

As the only local law, tax, payroll and business consultancy firm who bundles diverse functions, CAG is a partner who manages your legal needs; plans and preps your federal, state and local taxes; and provides full bookkeeping and payroll services. The value to you: integrating expert advice with needed back-end administrative functions.

Cain Advisory Group - Small business attorney solutions

Our Small Business Solutions are designed to give you unified and integrative services—in other words, blending multiple services under one roof and with one team. As a result, we give you one set of collaborative ‘go-to’ partners rather than separate firms housing your consultant, lawyer, tax attorney, bookkeeper and CPA.

Providing coordinated small business legal and business solutions increases your internal communications and profitability while decreasing your overall tax vulnerability.


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Success Stories

  • "Hello Having one place to go for my business needs is so very helpful. The team approach is the best and it’s very cost effective too. Thanks a million for your help! " - LaGina
  • "The ability for us to focus on our business and have one person to call for our accounting, legal and business needs is awesome. I appreciate the most that we always receive correspondence back to... Read More" - Jim
  • "You were absolutely fantastic – injured leg and all! Thank you for being our first presenter and making everything gel seamlessly. The response from all the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. I... Read More" - Judy
  • "Brian, On Friday you took the time to listen intently and consider all aspects of the issue presented to you. Your compassion, desire to assist and sage advice were of tremendous benefit and allowed... Read More" - Woody Henderson
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