The Benefits of Bundling Your Small Business Needs

Here at Cain Advisory we bundle your small businesses:

·        payroll

·        bookkeeping/accounting

·        tax management and preparation

·        legal advice and counsel

·        business and financial planning services

Having us manage all of the small, but important aspects of your business allows you to focus on growing your business. We are the only San Diego based firm that offers legal, financial, bookkeeping and tax advice together under one roof.

Not only is it convenient having everything under one roof, but it can also save you time and money. The time you save can be focused on generating new leads, cultivating clients, improving sales and marketing skills, enhancing product development and training, and increasing revenues thus, building your business.

Paying different people to perform your business services can rack up a big bill. Here we offer a fixed monthly price that best fits your needs.

Investing in our Small Business Package grants you access to a payroll specialist, certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, financial planner and an attorney. It also includes ongoing, one-on-one business and financial consulting. We provide strategic advice, marketing/sales systems and decision-making.

Here at Cain Advisory we work ‘on’ your business so you can work ‘in’ it. 

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