Small Business Solutions

No other local firm offers legal, financial, bookkeeping and tax advice underneath one roof. We alone offer these bundled services and at a fixed monthly price that best fits your needs. Best of all, you receive personalized, year-round services—especially legal counsel.

When you invest in our Small Business Package, your team includes a payroll specialist, certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, financial planner and an attorney. In return, we provide payroll, bookkeeping, tax reporting, tax advice and tax return preparation. Plus, you get the value of having a retained attorney who knows you and your business and its legal needs.

How can Cain Advisory Group help my local business succeed?

Our suite of core business services include:

  • payroll
  • bookkeeping/accountingsmall business package
  • tax management and preparation
  • legal advice and counsel
  • business and financial planning services


Additionally, we offer two additional components:

  • Organizing for Growth, and

  • Collaborative Teamwork

Organizing for Growth

Here, we offer a combination of periodic free workshops and a formal, 100-point business health analysis with proactive improvement suggestions.

Collaborative Teamwork

This component provides ongoing, one-on-one business and financial consulting. We provide strategic advice, marketing/sales systems and decision-making.

The outgrowth is simple: we find ways to streamline workflow so business owners will recoup extra hours each week. Those hours then can be realigned to build your business: generating new leads, cultivating clients, improving sales and marketing skills, enhancing product development and training, and increasing revenues.

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