By: Sue Han and Alexa Fornes, current college interns

Interning at Cain Advisory Group has been an entirely enriching experience for us.  The unique package offered by Cain Advisory Group has exposed us to different facets of the business and legal world in a complementary way.  Because we have interests that lie in these fields, it has been a privilege to experience the inner workings firsthand.  We receive projects that aim to expand our knowledge of these subjects while challenging our organizational and analytical skills.  In particular, we have had research assignments regarding tax credits, government reimbursements, and employee and independent contractor distinctions.  Through our assignments and under an encouraging guidance, we have been able to acquaint ourselves with the industry and its structure.

The environment at Cain Advisory Group this summer is reflective of growth: the office is expanding and so is the team of experienced professionals.  It is the perfect atmosphere for us to be learning in.  The office is always buzzing with activity, meaning that we get to see the constant daily operation of a firm with diverse offerings.  Observing these activities are valuable, but more significantly we are able to actually contribute to the needs of the firm.  The projects we do help to inform both clients and employees about common legal issues in small business operations, and simultaneously educate us during the research process.  The employees here are the most important factor in our experience because they are sincerely interested in teaching us about tax and legal services.  We are in a setting where we can generate our best work without feeling uptight or being pressured.  Even though we have only been here for a few weeks, the opportunities for exposure to a wide range of professional services were made clear immediately.  It says a lot about the culture here that everyone is willing to contribute to our learning experience regardless of how busy things may be.  We feel welcomed and valued, which is a care that we see extended to clients on a daily basis.

The fact that we are always surrounded by seasoned professionals who take a sincere interest in their work as well as their clients has established the standard for our work and motivated us consistently.  Everyone that we have met at Cain Advisory Group has been a genuine person in their work and on a personal level.  They furthermore are always looking to expand their knowledge – whether it is familiarizing themselves with new tax policies or exploring different business strategies – and this has compelled us to always strive to learn more.  Because we are surrounded by such driven people, we have cultivated an understanding of what makes a productive and fulfilling work culture.  We are looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring as we continue our internship.