Cain Law Group is celebrating its 13th anniversary by adding new services to help small business owners.  In addition to helping thousands of San Diegans via tax preparation and planning, legal real estate services and estate planning, Cain has added bookkeeping, accounting and planning functions.

By bundling clients’ small business needs under one roof, Cain Advisory Group provides coordinated counsel to manage back office administration.  Ultimately, Cain gains an understanding of individual business needs that allows an integration of expert advice and legal guidance to maximize profitability.

Blending multiples services under one roof and with one team allows clients to have one set of collaborative ‘go-to’ partners rather than separate firms housing consultants, lawyers, tax attorneys, CPAs and bookkeepers.

Thus, clients can manage their business as a whole rather than as parts of a whole.

“Bundling legal, accounting, payroll, tax prep and tax services saves clients’ thousands of dollars each year because one team of experts manages all your administrative services,” Brian Cain, principal, said.  “We learn about each clients’ needs and then tailor our services to them.  As a result, we allow business owners to spend their time on new business development rather than managing back-office functions they may not be experts in.”

Cain Advisory Group is located at 4858 Mercury Street, Ste 100 in San Diego.