Brian A. Cain, attorney and founder of Cain Advisory Group, has begun offering free business workshops to help small business owners and entrepreneurs gain new insights into key topics.

“We call it ‘Lunch and Learn’—a series of free one-hour seminars featuring local experts,” Cain said.  During the next several weeks, we’ll be focusing on essential topics.  On Thursday, September 26, we’re offering a seminar for first-time home buyers.”  Todd Swanson and Dan Williams will share their expertise in this arena.

Todd Swanson is a branch manager at Cobalt Financial Corporation and holds a DRE broker’s license.  He has been a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist the past six years and has also a member of By Referral Only since 2006.  Todd’s specialty is Veteran’s Administration (VA) loans and helping first time home buyers with conventional and FHA loans.  He has more than 20 years service in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

Dan Williams is founder and president of San Diego Lending Solutions, a certified liability adviser.  Dan helps his clients leverage home ownership and the liability side of the balance sheet to greater wealth and security.  As a result, clients can use this leverage to increase their net worth.  Dan is also the author of ‘Borrow Smart, Retire Rich’ annual review—an in-depth analysis of your borrowing situation and efficiency.  By managing clients’ liabilities, Dan can bring savings of thousands of dollars in interest expenses.

Future topics will cover trust planning, tax services and small business solutions.

Cain Advisory Group provides planning, legal, accounting and tax services under one roof that gives small business owners a coordinated, integrated team to manage back-of-the-house functions.

The one-hour seminar begins at 11:30am and is located at the Cain Advisory Group offices at 4858 Mercury in Kearny Mesa.  For registration information, read more at